girls playing

Year 5/6 Albany Camp

The year 5 and year 6 students will be going on their camp to Albany, with their class teacher and some parents. For more information please contact the class teacher.

kids drawing of sea shells and rocks

River School Y4 (week 6)

The Year 4 class will go to the Swan River for the day for River School (week 6).

Year 4 students are engaged in River School where the children develop an ongoing relationship with the Swan River system. They also gain an understanding of the delicate natural balance of these ecosystems and how we impact on them and can care for them. River School provides an opportunity not only to strengthen their knowledge of nature but also to take our otherwise indoor learning outside. We also foster respect for Indigenous culture. There are regular investigation and acknowledgement of ancient knowledge and belief systems. Learning beyond the school gate provides a wide range of opportunities. It develops creative and critical thinking skills. Rich, in-depth hands-on learning provides an opportunity for students to take action in areas of interest to them.