The exciting, positive development that takes place during this first year of full-time school establishes a strong foundation for future learning. It is a wonderful year of growth, full of ‘lightbulb’ moments, where children begin to see themselves as capable learners, readers, writers, mathematicians, friends and community members.


Our Pre-Primary class is firmly based on our belief that young children learn by doing. A play-based pedagogy in the early years recognises that play and playful learning are the natural and most effective learning style for young children. Child chosen play, teacher directed play and playful learning are at the heart of the program. Our literacy, numeracy and project work activities are planned to offer a balance of active hands-on learning whilst consolidating the learning through practice and application. We aim to balance out more formal learning with games, multi sensory learning and project work where learning is child-centred, meaningful and relevant. Our Social and Emotional learning is focused on awareness of emotions, building emotional vocabulary and beginning to use strategies to self-regulate.


Projects are at the heart of our learning programs. We explore a range of exciting and hands-on inquiry projects that bring both children and teachers into the role of researchers. A project and inquiry learning approach encourages children’s abilities to pose questions, hypothesise, search for meaning and draw upon their knowledge and expertise in a rich and integrated way.

Inquiries may arise from children’s interests, curriculum areas or teacher interest and incorporate excursions, incursions, workshops and real-life learning. Through a pedagogy of listening, we build on the interests and prior knowledge of the children. In this way, projects are driven by the children – their questions, ideas, challenges and misconceptions.


The Pre-Primary teaching team collaborates with the children and their families to provide a nurturing environment. This allows the children to explore their learning, relationships, and identities in a culture of community and connectedness, developing a sense of belonging to the classroom and the whole school community. We call upon the expertise and interests of parents and family members and welcome their contributions to our learning and projects.

Our students have the wonderful opportunity to participate in nature-based program at our local beach. Visiting our Wild Place of Bathers Beach once a fortnight, affords the children opportunities to develop a sense of wonder, explore a natural environment, make self-directed choices in learning, build resilience and connect to nature.

students eating morning tea on the mat
reading at the library
flower made in Art lesson