Positive Education

Positive Education is at the forefront of the Lance Holt School’s values and educational approach. As the leading positive education primary school in Perth, we specialise in fostering a positive school culture, with strong social and emotional learning programs and practices. We have a long-standing history of partnering with parents and the wider community to develop an educational approach that supports the whole child and focuses on wellbeing and fosters a love of learning.

Positive Education is an emerging approach to education which was recently named as one of the world’s 100 most inspiring education innovations by Finnish Institute, HundrED.  Positive Education fosters positive emotions and relationships in order to strengthen overall wellbeing.  In Positive Education, the school works within a framework to teach skills and harness character strengths to improve student wellbeing and foster flourishing leaners.

By combining the principles of positive psychology with best-practice teaching, Positive Education fosters both traditional academic skills and skills for happiness and wellbeing. Positive Education could also be thought of as a ‘wellbeing curriculum’ that can explicitly teach skills to students to build positive emotions and use their character strengths. Research has shown that high levels of student wellbeing lead to better academic performance.

Positive Education builds wellbeing and strengths to live a meaningful and thriving life. It supports our school to achieve it’s vision ‘to grow and nurture creative, joyful, resilient learners who are innovative thinkers and compassionate community members’, thus aligning with the goals of student learning in 21st Century schooling.

Our community-based primary school focus on Positive Education further concentrates our attention, energy and resources on developing flourishing students, staff and school community.

If you live in the Fremantle area and would like to find out how enrolling your child into a positive education primary school will make a difference in their lives, contact us today to find out more.

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Lance Holt School is an Institutional Member of PESA (Positive Education Schools Association)

PESA - Positive Education Schools Association

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