School camps are an integral part of our school curriculum. Teachers plan many and varied activities that provide children with hands-on learning experiences unique to a camp environment. The camps offer profound ways of developing and using skills like sharing, negotiating, collaborating and celebrating being part of a community.

Lance Holt School has been taking students on camps and excursions since it was established in 1970 and believes that they are vital to the students growth and learning. Camps enrich the learning program by providing nature-based learning opportunities for children to actively engage in exploring their environment and extend their thinking and learning beyond the classroom. Camps provide opportunities for building community connections and our annual whole school camp is a BIG favourite with all the children, staff and families!

As a school community we are given the opportunity to learn more about cooperative living and to get to know each other better. Parents of Kindy, Pre-Primary and Years 1-3 children must accompany their children on camp, and parents of older children are encouraged to attend. Camp provides families with a unique experience to mix with other parents and children in a relaxed environment.