Fees & Dates

Lance Holt School is an Independent Community School that operates within the WA term and holiday calendar.  Outlined below is a schedule of fees for all school years and a range of payment options.

Term Dates 2024

Semester 1

Term 1  Wednesday 31 January to Thursday 28 March
Term 2  Tuesday 16 April to Friday 28 June

Semester 2

Term 3 Wednesday 17 July to Friday 20 September
Term 4 Tuesday 8 October to Friday 6 December

NB: For all other important dates look in the school calendar under the Events tab.

Tuition Fees 2024

Lance Holt School provides an excellent standard of education with fees below the cost of similar independent schools in the metropolitan area.

For 2024 the Fee Structure will be:

Pre-Kindy $4,410 tuition + $150 amenity fee
Kindy $5,995 tuition + $150 amenity fee
Pre-Primary to Year 6 $7,188 tuition + $150 excursions fee + $135 swimming lessons

Additional costs include camps, book list, some excursions, OT assessments and Educa online portfolio.

Additionally, per family/per year, there is a $300 voluntary, tax-deductible Building Fund Contribution.

Waiting list fee $110 non refundable. Upon enrolment there is a non refundable $600 Enrolment fee for the first child and $300 for the second and subsequent children.

Capital Contribution Fee $1,000 non refundable, for the first child and $500 non refundable for the second and subsequent children on acceptance of enrolment.

All enrolled families are issued an Annual Fee Statement at the beginning of the school year outlining the scheduled costs for the year and providing Options for Payment. All families will determine their chosen payment schedule and complete Direct Debit or Credit Card Payment Request forms.

All School Fees and Charges are due and payable within 21 days of the issue of the Annual Fee Statement. The first payment will be taken on 10th March and all fees accounts for the year must be finalised by 10th December that year.

Payment Options will be limited to:

Option 1

Full Annual Payment (with discount of 2% on the Tuition Fee component only) due and payable by 10th March.

Option 2

Credit Card – authorisation form must be completed each year. Visa and MasterCard only and 1.4% service charge will apply (monthly and quarterly payments from March to December)

Option 3

Direct Debit – authorisation form must be completed each year (fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payments from March to December)

Visit the School Office for any further information.

Tax Deductible Donations

If you are able to make a tax deductible donation to the Lance Holt School building or library fund it is very appreciated. Should you wish to make a donation please contact the school office.

Family Concessions

A 30% family concession against annual tuition fee will apply to the third child and subsequent sibling attending the school concurrently. The discount applies to the younger sibling or siblings.

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