Graduation 2019

Our end of year Graduation Evening is a unique celebration for our students where family and friends of Lance Holt School community come together. We farewell each individual Year 6 student and honour their journey throughout their primary school years at Lance Holt school. It is a very touching evening with each individual graduate speaking of their experiences and our Year 6 teacher, Seth responding to them. The evening includes fun and exciting performances from each class.

We hope you enjoy the short film we made of Graduation that was held at John Curtin Theatre in December 2019.

“The children’s performances were fabulous, my extended family really enjoyed them. The speeches from the graduating Year 6’s were so moving as was Seth’s speech to each of the students, I love love love this part of graduation!”

Parent, Graduation 2019

“The graduation event is a wonderful demonstration of the reasons that I and other parents I’ve spoken to love having our kids at Lance Holt School: a strong sense of community, caring teachers and a supportive and nurturing school environment bring out the very best in our children. It’s particularly evident in the confidence and ease with which the graduating students express themselves and describe their experiences at LHS.”

Parent, Graduation 2019