Open Morning

Please join us on Saturday 31 August 2019 from 10 am to 12 noon for our school Open Morning.

Lance Holt School leads the way in Positive Education, building a school culture with strong social and emotional learning programs and practice. Lance Holt School has a long-standing history of partnering with parents and the wider community to deliver an educational approach that supports the whole child, focuses on wellbeing and nurtures a love of learning.

Positive Education fosters traditional academic skills and supports happiness and wellbeing. Positive Education could also be thought of as a ‘wellbeing curriculum’ that can explicitly teach skills to students to build positive emotions and use their character strengths. Research has shown that high levels of student wellbeing lead to better academic performance. The benefits are immediately apparent when you meet Lance Holt students.  Teachers, parents, grandparents and community members regularly comment on how confident, kind and articulate Lance Holt children are.  They are capable negotiators and are comfortable communicating with community members, adults and young children.

“The projects, the holistic approach, the excursions, the sense of community, the heritage building, the bush school, the afternoons at the park, the open-mindness and warmth with an amazing team of educators… are only SOME of the reasons why my daughter loves going to Lance Holt! I, as a parent could not be happier!” Charissa, Parent

A sense of belonging is built through the class and annual whole school camps – a feature of the school since it began in the 1970’s. Our older students recently returned from Canberra Camp accompanied by staff and parents. It was a wonderful opportunity for parents to share in their children’s learning. Highlights included: Australian Parliament House, National Art Gallery, Museum of Democracy and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The Canberra Camp is considered a rite of passage for Lance Holtians the younger children look forward to their own Canberra Camp experience.

‘Canberra Camp was truly an experience. I learnt all sorts of things about democracy and our country. It was a once in a life time experience. I loved it.” Felix, Year 6

“This camp feels like a very special journey in many different ways – it is memorable and significant because of the distance travelled and the wonderful learning that happens. I loved watching my own child and all the others in her class really engage with everything around them and blossom in different ways throughout the camp.” Parent on Canberra Camp

Our students feel a very strong connection and sense of belonging to their school and their place within it.

“My school’s special to me because we get to do lots of learning and we have lovely, special teachers.” Ava, Pre-Primary.

Our students are collaborative and cooperative communicators.

“I like social and emotional lessons because everyone gets a say and we learn about rights, privileges and responsibilities.” Rio, Year 5.

Our students are creative and critical thinkers who have well developed communications skills.

“I really enjoyed Canberra this year. It was amazing and I learned so much. This year I have been trying to be more confident with my public speaking and going to Canberra has improved it by far. I have also learned so much about politics and government and it is going to stick with me forever.”  Iris, Year 5

Anyone who has attended a Lance Holt Graduation can attest to the wisdom of students that graduate from Lance Holt. Our students graduate with a love of learning and a strong sense of self and community. Our students combine their strong academic skills with their well-developed social and interpersonal skills to transition to high school as articulate and confident individuals.

“Like so many other parents I spoke to, the graduation was a heart-warming reminder of why we chose Lance Holt for our children. I was overwhelmed by the maturity, warmth and confidence of our Lance Holtians.” Gina, Parent

At Lance Holt School, the community works together to enact our vision ‘to grow and nurture creative, joyful, resilient learners who are innovative thinkers and compassionate community members’.