Child friendly complaints

Child Friendly Complaints Process

Lance Holt School has a long-held belief in the importance of listening to children’s voices. This belief has been reflected in practices such as the school parliament in the 1970’s, through traditions such as morning meeting, writing letters and meeting with the Mayor of Fremantle, to being involved in initiatives such as the recent ‘Speaking Out’ survey in conjunction with the Commissioner for children and young people to share their experiences and views on a wide range of issues.

This year – as part of our review of our Child Protection Policy “Children’s Right to be Safe” and our commitment to adopting the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, our staff have worked with children across the school to create age-appropriate children’s complaint processes.

By working with classes to unpack big issues such as rights, responsibilities, and problems, we aimed to build children’s skills and confidence to know how to raise a complaint or concern if they feel something is not right.

Please enjoy the short film we have created to showcase our students learning.

Juliet Lewer
Deputy Coordinator