• At the gate

    At the gate

  • At the beach

    At the beach

  • Down by the water

    By the water

  • Studying


  • tin-foil

    Tin foil letters

  • Clay houses

    Clay Houses


Science Tabloid

As part of National Science Week,
 the Year 5/6 class conducted a Science Tabloid for our Kindy to Year 4 students. The Year 5/6 students demonstrated science experiments that they had researched, prepared and practiced. Experiments include: Floating Balls, Bouncing bubbles, Gobstopper …

August 28, 2016


Muddy Bush School

This term at Bush School Year 2/3 have been wet, wet, wet. This has not held them back from learning and having fun though!  On a trip to the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre they discovered what looked like shrimps in Bibra Lake. …

August 28, 2016