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    At the gate

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    At the beach

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    By the water

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  • tin-foil

    Tin foil letters

  • Clay houses

    Clay Houses


Recognition for our Samantha

On Thursday 28 November the Association for Independent Schools of Western Australia celebrated with five exceptional teachers from WA. Samantha Wynne, Lance Holt School received National Certification as a Lead Teacher. This Federal Government initiative was introduced in 2013 to …

January 23, 2014


Giraffe Raising Ceremony

The Pre-Primary/Year 1 class had a very special ceremony on Monday 11th of November to stand up the giraffe for the first time. Excitement was building as Annabelle told all the gathered children, parents, staff and visitors about the research …

January 23, 2014

linocut picture of a dog-man

Linocut printing

Last Term in Art the 6/7′s responded to the artwork of Australian printmaker Rona Green to create unique characters for their linocut printing project. Combining human and animal physical features and personality traits, clothing and tattoos, they created bold designs with a balance of black and …

November 13, 2013