Seth Yeoman

Year 5/6 Teacher | BA (Ed) (ECU), BEd (ECU)

Seth is the Year 5/6 teacher and he sees his role as preparing students for high school and the world beyond Lance Holt.

Kids look forward to their time in Seth’s class, and Seth works hard to build a strong relationship with them long before they arrive there. He often jokes that he is collecting stories for their graduation speech from their very first school camp in Kindy! Seth has a great rapport with his students and places a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning. His classroom is alive with debates on government, democracy, and world issues.

Seth runs numerous challenges throughout the year, many of which are science and technology lessons in disguise. He uses his passion for music as a way to engage kids with history, placing a variety of musical genres within their wider historical and political context. As well as being a great teacher, Seth is also a great role model, providing a positive and gentle male perspective that is important in a predominantly female-staffed primary school environment. Camps and excursions are a big part of Seth’s teaching, with the Canberra Camp acting as a significant rite of passage. It is a camp like no other, perfected and improved over many years.

“Lance Holt is like a large, supportive family. We’re fortunate to get to know the children from an early age, and to nurture their progress throughout their journey. I like the freedom to have to explore and implement a variety of teaching and learning strategies, and to have fun doing it.”

Seth Yeoman