Juliet Lewer

Principal and Pre Kindergarten Teacher | BEd (Curtin)

Juliet is the Principal and is also the Pre Kindy Teacher. She has been at Lance Holt School since 2008 and leads our early years programs.

Juliet recognises that starting school is the beginning of a journey for both children and parents alike, and creates a nurturing and welcoming environment for the whole family. Through projects that introduce the child to a sense of community beyond the home and family, she develops a feeling of belonging, which the children will carry with them throughout their years at Lance Holt. Juliet’s class is a place of imaginative play and creativity, where individuality is encouraged, and the students learn through their own curiosity and discovery. Her nature walks around Fremantle are the perfect example of Juliet’s ability to channel the children’s inherent wonderment into a rich learning experience. Her work has been featured extensively in the publication ‘Early Years Learning Framework in Action’, and she has presented locally on young children’s literacy. In 2017, she showcased her Nature Walks Project at the National REAIE Biennial Conference in Sydney with Stefania Giamminuti.

“I am a passionate Early Years educator. I believe teaching is a partnership between home and school, and I value close relationships with families in my classroom. I regularly partake in action research and use research to inform my teaching and learning program. I take inspiration from the principles of the early childhood schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy, constructivist approaches to learning, and believe in the importance of viewing children as strong, curious and capable. I know that children learn by doing, and practice and advocate for a play based pedagogy in the early years, which recognises that play and playful learning are the natural and most effective learning style for young children.”

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