Amy McAnuff

Year 1/2 Teacher | BSc (ECU) | Grad Dip Education (UNDA) | Grad Dip Early Childhood Education & Care (Murdoch)

Amy is our Year 1/2 Teacher.

Amy’s strives to provide a nurturing and positive relationship with students and their families. She believes involving families in their child’s education is vital for a child’s individual needs to be met.  She creates positive relationships that ignite confident, supported, and engaged learners, where every student is valued and acknowledged. Amy provides students with the skills and confidence to navigate social situations and creates a belief in their ability to learn and make mistakes.

Amy has developed a passion for effective play-based and inquiry pedagogy; “I enjoy finding ways to implement the curriculum in a creative, relevant, and meaningful way.  I believe in an open, honest and caring environment, where students are at the centre of their learning.  My aim as an educator is to develop an environment where children look forward to school and enjoy the learning process.  The foundation to success in learning is a child who is happy, feels supported and finds the joy in learning”.

“I am inspired by the Lance Holt values including the Positive Education program; the strong belief in building community; the belief that children learn best through experiences and having the time, space and support for these experiences and the right of the child to be seen, celebrated and developed as an individual.”

Amy is currently nearing completion of her Masters of Education (Early Childhood Education) at ECU.