Miriam Harban Guttinger

Teacher | BEd Early Childhood (Notre Dame)

Miriam, fondly known as ‘Mim’, is our Kindy Teacher. 

Miriam is a graduate in Early Childhood Education from Notre Dame University. She is also an ex student of Lance Holt School. She has been working with us in a relief role since 2021 and we are thrilled to have her on our Early Years team.

Miriam is interested in and passionate about play-based learning in the early years, and cooperative and collaborative learning experiences where children have an opportunity to explore their ideas and interests together. “I think that early childhood education should promote play, exploration, and wonder, and that the educator should work to facilitate harmonious relationships as children learn to cooperate with one another in their play and learning. I think it’s important that we are aware of teachable moments, and make the most of opportunities to contextualise learning in this way.”

Mim also says “I am passionate about strong connections and partnerships with families and communities, as this was such an integral part of my own education at Lance Holt too! I think all of the richest learning takes place when we have strong and positive relationships throughout our learning communities, and when children feel safe to explore and let their wonder and curiosity lead them!”