Danica See

Pre-Kindy Teacher | BEd (Hons) (Curtin)

Danica is a graduate from Curtin University, at the top of her class, and is now the Pre-Kindy teacher at Lance Holt School.

Vibrant and engaging, Danica sees the beauty in each child and expertly taps into their individual psyche and particular interests to ignite their learning. Her playful and affectionate personality mean that children naturally gravitate towards her, and build strong connections that continue beyond their time in her class.

Danica has a keen interest in children’s rights, which formed the foundation for her Honours research. She is also an advocate of democratic education and strives to create a classroom culture built on trust and respect, where each child has a voice. She was drawn to Lance Holt School because of the sense of community, the culture of respect for children, and the opportunities for teachers to continue their development as educators and researchers: “It really is like an extended family, filled with support, trust, love and encouragement.”

“I am looking forward to the unexpected: the questions, the interests, the conversations. I believe they all have the potential to lead somewhere beautiful.”

Danica Trolio