Georgie Warne-Trevor

Literacy Support Teacher | Bachelor of Speech Pathology, ECU 2018.

Georgie is our enthusiastic and energetic Literacy Support Teacher at Lance Holt School. Georgie works on Tuesday and Thursday mornings supporting student learning in conjunction with classroom teachers.

Georgie is a very experienced Speech pathologist with a background in Literacy intervention.  Following her completion of her Bachelor of Speech Pathology Georgie worked as a Speech Pathologist and Speech & Language Officer in schools, the disability sector and aged care. She has provided screening services to schools, worked with children with disabilities in the home and school environment and provided support to schools in intervention and implementation of literacy programs.
She is studying a Master of Teaching (Primary) at Notre Dame University. I am also completing a course in Therapeutic Horticulture. Georgie is passionate about creating a positive environment where children feel safe to have a go and where wellbeing comes first.