Lilian Hernandez

Year 3/4 Teacher |

Lilian is our Year 3/4 Teacher.

Her main motivation to become a teacher was the goal to effectively contribute to the happiness of many. During her studies she gained an interest in Positive Psychology, which led to her decision to write her Master’s thesis on how its findings can be applied in primary schools.

There are no Positive Education schools in Germany as yet and as Positive Education originated in Australia, Lilian is delighted to be working alongside like-minded people at this special school, deepening and expanding her knowledge and understanding of Positive Education. She has a number of years teaching experience as a relief teacher in a primary schools snd secondary schools. Lilian’s experiences in working with refugees children, children with Autism and her interest in literacy and numeracy, have enhanced her teaching skills and ability to identify and address the broad range of the needs of her students. Lilian really enjoys the creation of learning environments that enhance the students’ curiosity and joy of learning.