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Being an inner city school in Fremantle is cool. We are so close to many fantastic places and we enjoy being able to walk to places like the Esplanade Park, the beach, the library and museums as part of our days at school. The West End is a real hub for people from our school community, the Notre Dame University community and a growing retail and creative sector. This means that sometimes parking can be difficult to get in Henry Street. This information is designed to help you consider ways of getting to and from school and how to deal with parking issues that may arise when you are dropping off or picking up your children.

Where can we park and for how long?

The Fremantle Council parking regulations in Henry Street are correct as of 18 June 2008 and subject to change with minimal notification are as follows:

“Kiss and Drop” Zone (Drop your child off and quick pick ups)
No Parking area directly in front of school which is to be used like a quick pick up /drop off zone. You must stay with the vehicle. The school bus and after school bus also use this for pick up/drop off our students. Please move your vehicle when it is required. (This is probably most relevant to parents of children in Year 4 and up.)

“Short Stay” Zone (Come inside to settle children or to pick them up)
Free 15 minute parking in Henry St between 9 am and 5 pm

“Stay for Morning Meeting” Zone
Free 30 minute parking in High Street just around the corner from school

Paid Parking and Longer Term Parking
These parking areas are great for those who stay at school to help out, catch up with others or who may do their business in Fremantle after school drop off.

1 hour paid parking on Phillimore Street outside Customs House.
2 hour paid parking in Henry Street (4 bays)
3 hour paid parking in Phillimore Street on the Railway Line side

3 hrs Paid Parking alongside The Esplanade Park on Marine Terrace (a very short walk down Henry St to school)

Paid Parking is available on streets close to us like Cliff, Pakenham and Mouat. They have varying time limits that you will need to check.

All Day Paid Parking is available on the wharf near the E Shed. (It’s closer than you think!)

All Day Free Parking on the perimeters of Fremantle – you can catch the Cat Bus or walk in the good weather.

Parking Permits
Remember that residents of Fremantle & East Fremantle can get parking permits from the City of Fremantle and are able to park free between 9 am – 11 am and 3 pm – 1 am (Monday to Friday).

Cat Bus
The Cat Bus service is a great way to get to and from school and Freo generally. There is bus stop very close to the school near the Chamber of Commerce Building on Phillimore Street.

Transperth Buses and Trains
We are very close to the Fremantle Train and Bus Station. There is a pedestrian crossing to get across Phillimore St and it is a short walk to school. Take a look at the Transperth website for your local bus service and timetables. Some of the older children enjoy catching the bus to and from school and it is a good way to encourage independence and life skills. The School is registered with Monitor WA so you can order and pay for a Smart Rider online.