Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program

This is a new initiative for 2016/17, supported by the City of Fremantle. Working with Simply Carbon and other schools in the area, we will be reviewing different areas of the schools’ operation to ensure the school continues to improve its sustainability and operating efficiency whilst minimising our carbon footprint.

Sustainability Committee

The school’s Sustainability Committee exists to support Council, staff and the whole school community to enact the school’s value of global stewardship and encourage care of the environment. The Committee drives initiatives such as Waste Wise Schools, TravelSmart and Plastic Free July and relies on parent (and grandparent!) involvement.

IMG_5975    Waste Wise School

Waste Free Lunches

Lance Holt School is an accredited Waste Wise School and school lunches are a great opportunity for the students to understand the benefits, opportunities and challenges of reducing packaging and food waste. The last Tuesday of every month is a dedicated Waste Free Lunch Day. Each class monitors how many of their lunch boxes are free from cling film, plastic wrappers and foil.

Walking School Bus

A parent-run ‘walking’ school bus operates every Wednesday morning starting at the top of Wray Avenue and travelling along South Terrace. The Walking School Bus is an initiative of the Department of Transport and is designed to reduce traffic congestion at schools and encourage healthy and active transport. Information is available on the front noticeboard at school.

Walking School Bus

Home to Home Produce Stall

Every Wednesday morning before Morning Meeting, families can contribute to the Home to Home Produce Stall. Any excess home grown produce can be added to the stall for a produce swap. There have been lots of green leafy vegetables and colourful citrus and wonderful conversations on growing your own produce.

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