The Prindy class is the entry point into Lance Holt School. Children from Prindy are guaranteed a place in Kindy and our Primary school.

Prindy class is held on Thursday and Friday during school term 9am to 12 noon.

Learning To Be Social

Prindy is our Pre-Kindergarten Class for Three Year Olds. It is the first class at our school and an important time where children learn to be part of a group. It is a social time during which children are separating from their parents and forming relationships with their teachers and peers. Children are supported to move from parallel play to associative play situations; as their language develops children learn to cooperate and problem solve together. Friendships are formed and play is negotiated with give and take.

Helping children to successfully initiate and negotiate social interactions are skills that we focus on in the Prindy program.

Parents As Partners

Lance Holt School is a community school and parents play a valued role in the school community. Parent participation is encouraged and parents are seen as partners in the education of their child. Parents are able to participate in and support the daily classroom activities, attend parent meetings, serve on the school council and attend special events and celebrations.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor program offers children opportunities to play with sand and water as well as art and craft, dramatic play and physical activities.

The Physical Education program in Prindy focuses on the development of body management skills, object control and locomotion. These are developed through obstacle courses, movement games and the use of equipment such as stilts, rebound net, beams, bats, balls and hoops.  We play outside everyday.