The Confucius Institute at UWA

A group of our Year 5/6 students performed at the Octagon Theatre for the Mid Autumn Chinese Festival held by the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia. The students choreographed the dance with the help of  Fan, our …


Felting Hats

In our Art area, there are wonderful art works on display including the Year 3/4 students’ wild animal hats that students made for school camp. These were inspired by Barbara Keal and Gladys Paulus who are wet felting artists from …


School Camp to Rottnest Island

The School had its biannual school camp recently to Rottnest Island. School camps are an integral part of our school curriculum. Teachers plan many varied activities that provide children with hands-on learning experiences unique to camp environment. The founder of …


Science Tabloid

As part of National Science Week,
 the Year 5/6 class conducted a Science Tabloid for our Kindy to Year 4 students. The Year 5/6 students demonstrated science experiments that they had researched, prepared and practiced. Experiments include: Floating Balls, Bouncing bubbles, Gobstopper …


Muddy Bush School

This term at Bush School Year 2/3 have been wet, wet, wet. This has not held them back from learning and having fun though!  On a trip to the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre they discovered what looked like shrimps in Bibra Lake. …


Exploring our senses

The Pre-primaries and Year Ones have been exploring their senses. Firstly in the classroom we set out stations to explore their five senses. TASTE – we tasted lemon, cocoa, sugar and salt and discussed sour, bitter, sweet and salty. SIGHT …


Asian Studies

Our student teacher of Chinese,  Fan, recently provided wonderful learning experiences for our students including traditional Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy , a tea ceremony and porcelain painting.      


Produce Swap Stall

In Week 2 the Lance Holt School Sustainability Committee launched the Home to Home Project. The aim of the project is to facilitate the sharing of home grown produce within our school community through a produce swap stall. It was …


Learning Journey 2016

In March 2016 our students invited a special guest to explore their classrooms and engage in learning activities together and to demonstrate  the ‘learning journey’ so far. Learning Journey is a wonderful long standing tradition at Lance Holt School with …