Lance Holt School is an incorporated, not-for-profit educational institution with its own constitution. All of us, parents and teachers, are members of the Lance Holt School Association, which is governed and administered by the School Council.

Who is the school council?

The council comprises seven parent representatives, one staff member, the coordinator (ex-officio) and up to four co-opted members. Councillors are elected at the school’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Term 2. At the AGM reports from the chair of council, the coordinator and treasurer are tabled as well as the school’s audited accounts. All members of the Lance Holt School Association can attend the meeting and stand for council.

The role of council

Council meets once a month. It is the governing body of the school and is responsible for developing the strategic plan and overseeing the financial management of the school; the employment of all full-time and permanent staff (the council is the employing body); industrial issues, including the operation of the enterprise bargaining agreement; staff wellbeing; the creation of the sub-committees for fundraising, policy, building; and promoting the school in the community. The school council, along with staff, also works to ensure that school policies and practices keep current with relevant legislation.
In 2011, Lance Holt School underwent a registration process, along with all non-government schools in WA. School council and staff worked together to ensure our policies and practices were clearly recorded and available for this process. The school was given the maximum accreditation of five years. The office has copies of the school policy manual.

“Lance Holt School provides excellent opportunities for students to become critical, creative thinkers, who are confident and self-motivated.” – Registration Report 2004, Department of Education Services, WA Government

Individual role on council

The councillors’ role is to promote positive communication: to help keep parents informed of the school’s decisions and to keep the council informed of any issues raised by parents. Councillors may also offer particular expertise, ranging from experience in meeting procedure, submission writing, financial or legal management, fundraising, building and communication. Someone might bring a fantastic sense of humour and good interpersonal skills or a desire to support the organisation and the time and energy to assist. Parents choose to nominate for council for a variety of reasons, but most agree that it’s another level of commitment to the school. AISWA (the Association of Independent Schools of WA) provides assistance to individuals on the school council through their annual Briefing the Board Conference as well as consultant advice.
Council meetings are open for all parents to attend. Minutes of meetings are posted on the front notice board. If you can’t make it to the meetings but you want to find out more about governance and strategic matters concerning the school, you can talk to one of the councillors.

2016/2017 council members

Robin Guttinger (Chair)

Mark Smith (Treasurer)

Lee Jones (Secretary)

Lydia Ralph (Member)

Ian Watson (Member)

Ben Cannington (Member)

Stefania Giaminutti (Co-opted Member)

Juliet Lewer (Teachers’ Representative)

Kathryn Netherwood (Coordinator – Ex-officio)

Annual Report 2015