Parents and Community


Parental involvement is an integral part of the Lance Holt School experience: the children love it and the school depends on it. The school community is very diverse and we can all share different talents and interests. Contributions of time and effort are greatly valued and the school benefits enormously from them.

As a community school we do anticipate that parents will take part in some of the things that keep the school running well. Fundraising and busy bees are a way of bringing in income and keeping our school maintained to the best possible standard. We rely on parents to get involved with at least one fund-raising event and one busy bee a year to share the work and the fun alongside other families.

“When we first came to Lance Holt School we found that we made really important friendships by going along and helping out at the Children’s Fiesta. Our son had made friends quickly and we wanted to as well! Working alongside about 20 other mums and dads on that day made us feel like we were part of the school community.” – Karoline

The Wider Community

One of Lance Holt School’s strengths is the importance placed on relationships within its school community and with Fremantle. Children are encouraged to explore their school and their environs as part of their education. They are able to grow with a sense of being connected not only to their school but also to a wider community. In our many excursions and site-based activities, in our walks to the library and to the local parks and in our conversations with people like the mayor of Fremantle or the Bush Regeneration staff from the council, our students are developing a strong sense of their place and their importance in it.
Our partnerships with groups like Coastcare and the City of Fremantle see our students involved in a range of activities outside of the school yard. Projects such as regenerating remnant bushland and adopting Bathers Beach as part of a Coastal Care strategy show a strong sense of belonging to and caring for their community. Our regular participation in events such as the Fremantle Children’s Fiesta and the Fremantle Festival encourage children to celebrate their place in Fremantle. Being able to make a difference to the world you live in and celebrating with others is an important part of wellbeing.

As a small community school, we have a real focus on the wellbeing of our children (and their families). Over the years we have developed some very practical ways of working to ensure that each child feels valued as an individual and is also aware of their connection to other and of their rights and responsibilities as part of a school and of the wider community.
We are also in the process of working with other schools across Australia in developing a program that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of young children. Lance Holt School is part of the pilot of the Kidsmatter program, a national initiative that prioritises the importance of emotional and social learning of young children. The Kidsmatter project will allow us to share and develop new skills in the areas of social and emotional learning of children. You can find out more about this project by talking with the teachers, Kathryn, Samantha and Christine, who form our Kidsmatter Action Team.

Parent Teacher Meetings

All classes have parent–teacher evenings during the first couple of weeks of the school year. If at any other time of year you want to have a one-to-one meeting with your child’s teacher, just make an appointment for before or after school.

At Lance Holt School we utilise portfolios for reporting to parents. Teachers meet with parents for a portfolio interview in the middle of the school year. Portfolios are also made available to the parents at the end of the school year. Portfolios contain a selection of your child’s work in all the curriculum areas and a record of events and excursions throughout the year.


Good communication is vital in a community school such as ours. The school sends out newsletters once a fortnight and class notices at other times. The notice board by the front door has information about council business and activities related to the school. All teachers have school email addresses and send notes to parents this way. Each class has its own ‘telephone tree’ that enables parents to communicate messages to one another efficiently and at short notice. Meeting time provides an opportunity to share news and information with the school community.