Year 2


The Year 2 class is a time of transition from being one of the “little kids” to being a “big kid”. As children grow and develop they gain more independence, so at this level we support kids as they take greater control over their own learning, pursuing their interests to become more self-motivated learners.

This class still is very much a play-based environment. Our curriculum is covered in ways that are meaningful, engaging and relevant to the lives of the children. There is great scope for creativity and for gaining and practicing the necessary skills for great social interactions. Children at this level of development are ready to understand the world beyond themselves and their families, so it’s the perfect time for the introduction to concepts relating to Human Rights and Social Justice.

Bush School is an integral part of our learning. For three of the terms in the year we spend Fridays out and about in local bushland environments. This provides an opportunity not only to strengthen our knowledge of Nature but also to take our otherwise indoor learning outside…Numeracy, Science, Literacy, Geography and History can be learned in a beautiful stimulating environment. It allows too, enormous opportunity for the development of lateral, creative thinking skills, take responsible risks, independence and resilience, and fabulous team working skills.