Pre-primary / Year 1


Pre-Primary/Year One is an exciting class rich in relationships and learning.  Teachers work closely in a team to provide a comprehensive academic and social/emotional learning program where children are at the centre of everything we do. Staff work closely with families to provide a nurturing environment where children belong to a classroom and whole school community.

In PP/1 our pedagogy is firmly based on our belief that young children learn by doing. A play based pedagogy in the early years that recognises that play and playful learning are the natural and most effective learning style for young children and a project and inquiry learning approach that develops children abilities to question, hypothesize research and utilize their literacy and numeracy skills is at the heart of our learning programs. Child chosen play, teacher directed play and playful learning are at the heart of the program. Our literacy, numeracy and project work activities are planned to offer a balance of active hands on learning and consolidating the learning through practice and application. We aim to balance out more formal learning with games, multi sensory learning and project work where learning is child centered, meaningful and relevant to individual children.

Our pedagogy is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Belonging, Being and Becoming, which acknowledges that young children’s connection to
family, community, culture and place are central to their learning experiences. Teaching staff in PP/1 work closely with children and families, to allow children to explore their learning, relationships and identities in a culture of community and connectedness.

Our programming content, knowledge and skills are drawn from the Australian Curriculum. Both the EYLF and the Australian Curriculum are balanced to provide a comprehensive academic curriculum with an equal emphasis on children’s sense of wellbeing and social and emotional learning.

English and Mathematics are taught as discrete disciples as well as integrated into our project and inquiry learning work. Each area of English and Maths is planned and programmed for to ensure that children develop the literacy and numeracy skills that form the essential knowledge and skills for all learning areas.

History, Geography and Science are integrated into our project work and often form the basis for our project work. The Projects find their pedagogy in an Emergent or Constructivist approach and have been influenced by the schools of Reggio Emilia including theorists Gandini and Malaguzzi;  Harvards Project Zero and the theories of George Foreman and Howard Gardner; and Katz, Helm and Chards Project Approach.

Project are teacher initiated and find their inspiration from the interests of children; the Australian Curriculum History, Geography and Science disciplines or topics that are socially or culturally relevant to children such as a building project at the school, Sculptures By the Sea, the City of Fremantle, Bathers Beach, the port and Lance Holt School history, values and mythology.

Projects are documented in a variety of ways including Floorbooks that record the thinking and learning involved in the projects at a whole class, small group and individual level. Individual portfolios feature the development of the project and samples of a child’s work; documentation panels feature the teachers observations and record the children’s words and displays of the children’s work feature in the classrooms.