Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Research Project

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Children as researchers!

One of our community partners, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has invited us to partner with them to assist with their current review and development of their strategic plan. This is a very exciting research project for our upper school students.

Mathilda Joubert, a leading educational consultant, will lead a project with our Year 6/7 students to engage them in a creative approach to train them as young researchers. Our Year 6/7 students will then undertake research to ensure that ‘children’s voice’ is included in the future planning for Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn new research skills and then apply them to a real life situation.

Our Year 4/5 students will have the opportunity to engage in the training as researchers (Day 1 & 2) and will then conduct a small school-based research project.

We are looking forward to our involvement in this project and feel very privileged to have this opportunity for our students and staff.

Following Day 1  students made the following comments:

Ginger – I liked how we found out we learnt a lot about research.

Banjo – I learnt about research and excited to do the research for Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

Skeat – It’s cool that Matilda is preparing us with skills that will come in handy for later life.

Mixie – Lots of fun to learn about research and it was put in a fun way.

Freja – I liked the team challenges and I’m looking forward to doing the research.

Roux – I’m really happy our school gets to do this project.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Research Project.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Research Project.