A Comic Visitor

written by lanceholt on May 2, 2017 in News with no comments

James Foley, picture book and comic writer visited our school.

“James Foley is a very famous writer. His most recent book is BROBOT which took him three and half years to write!” By Hilde, Year 4

“… we watched him show his comic he made about Brobot – it was amazing! Then he showed us how to draw a person with funny stuff on him like a mohawk and a six pack – it was funny.” By Sophia, Year 4

“He showed us where to put speech bubbles. We drew backgrounds. I did one in space, a cave and a jungle… He also showed us a book that he was working on. It is called Dungzilla.” By Iris, Year 3

“I hope I can become just as good as him one day. It was fun to learn lots of tips from him. Thank you James Foley for teaching me and my friends how to do lots of cool comic drawings and other things.” By Kai, Year 4