Science Tabloid

written by lanceholt on August 28, 2016 in News with no comments

As part of National Science Week,
 the Year 5/6 class conducted a Science Tabloid for our Kindy to Year 4 students.

The Year 5/6 students demonstrated science experiments that they had researched, prepared and practiced.

Experiments include: Floating Balls, Bouncing bubbles, Gobstopper Science and Fun with Jars, Dancing Raising, Jumping Can and Diving Pen Lid, Magic Inflating Bag and Running Pepper, to name just a few …

The younger students watched in awe and asked some amazing questions.  It was great to see our older students share their ideas and learn about science in a hands-on exciting way.

“I liked the bouncing raisins best because the bubbles took the raisins up – I think that’s because the water was so fizzy.” Alice, Kindy

“I liked the blue bottle best – the motion in the ocean – I liked how it went swish swish, and my sister did it.” Bodhi, Kindy

science tabloid 1